Facilities/GIS data changes on a daily basis. Tracking, documenting and reporting is an everyday reality for many organizations. Quality decision making relies upon accurate and timely data.

A graphic CAD interface can provide accurate and intuitive links with databases to input and maintain graphic generated data, such as square footage figures. With prudent implementation, maintenance and reporting can be automated to a high degree.

Kane Design helps provide comprehensive solutions, tuned specifically for facilities management demands. This translates into real cost-savings through using appropriate tools for integrated database access.

Up-to-date, accessible data for accurate decision making
Virtual elimination of duplicate data
Centralized access to important data
Short return period on investment
Improved data accuracy

We help design custom environments that work the way you need them to. Providing user-friendly interfaces allowing you to focus on the job at hand.
Alternately, we can guide towards the best software for your specific needs, and assist through evaluation, planning and implementation.

What you don't know can hurt you. We focus to give our clients the most for their investment dollars. Kane Design can assist in making the right decisions for your organization.

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